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Once in an approved residency training program (RTP), residents must register with the ACVIM within 90 days of beginning their RTP (e.g., by October 1 for programs beginning on July 1). The purpose of registration is to ensure that a candidate embarks on a training program that conforms to the requirements of the specialty in which he or she wishes to become certified. Failure to register, or registration after the 90-day deadline, may jeopardize the resident's certification process, as some of the training program may not be recognized or accepted. In 2016 a program of Maintenance of Credentials (MOC) will become effective for new Diplomates. Please see section D.5.c of the General Information Guide (GIG) for additional information.

I hereby apply to the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine for Board-certification examination in accordance with its rules and guidelines, as published in the ACVIM Constitution and Bylaws and the General Information Guide. I agree that prior to or subsequent to my examination; the Board may investigate my standing as a veterinarian, including my reputation for complying with the standards of ethics of the profession. I agree that no fee paid by me shall be refundable to me unless provided by the Constitution and By-Laws or the General Information Guide. I further covenant and agree:

(i) to indemnify and hold harmless the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine and each and all of its members, regents, officers, examiners and agents from and against any liability whatsoever in respect of any act or omission in connection with this registration, applications, credentials, examinations, the grades on such examinations and/or the granting or issuance of or failure to grant or issue a certificate to me, and

(ii) that any certificate, which may be granted and issued to me shall be and remain the property of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine.

I agree with the statement above

If you are a candidate transferring to a new residency training program, please contact for directions and DO NOT register online.

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